Enlightening insights to clear your mind

If unforeseen challenges are overwhelming your organisation and giving you sleepless nights, take heart – you are not alone. The Job of the Chief Executive (JOCE™) programme returns for its 38th successive year with new tools and insights. Seize the opportunity to learn through our five-day programme as we delve into the root of these issues and more, to define clear strategies and real solutions for the future.

The business world is changing fast. We are going to bed with more uncertainties and waking up to new anxieties. The truth is, no one is spared. Even the unflappable CEOs are finding it increasingly difficult to rest easy. So what is causing the jitters at the top?

According to a survey of over 300 chief executives, 71% are frustrated by the lack of quality data. 82% are concerned that their teams are not moving fast enough. 64% feel they do not have full control of their company’s direction. And 78% fear that their employees are working blindly against their companies’ long-term strategies.



Held over five days of interactive and intensive sessions, the JOCE™ programme will equip you with new tools and insights to meet the strategic challenge of your organisation in Asia’s dynamic environment. You will examine actual business situations with real-world relevance and formulate solutions to solve them. It provides an opportunity to challenge your paradigm of thinking, reaffirm your opinions and sharpen your decisionmaking communication skills. 

You are also encouraged to attend with a specific challenge to work on during the programme, and become an active part of helping other participants to identify and analyse their business growth through discussion and feedback. The exchange between the diverse group of top executives will greatly reinforce and strengthen the overall learning environment.



In addition to programme readings, participants are encouraged to reflect on their goals and objectives that they hope to achieve from the programme. Each participant is also advised to bring pressing issue/challenge that becomes the foundation for a personal case study.



Throughout the five-day programme, the JOCE™ faculty purposefully weave the three key concepts of Strategy, Human Capital, Change and Innovation with the participants.



As a follow-up to the programme, there is a webinar session with participants across the globe to review their action plans established from the programme.